Hey everyone! I'm a graduate of the University of Georgia in the United States, and I currently live just outside of Savannah, GA.

I traveled around England and Ireland for three weeks as a part of a study abroad program July 2012. It was a requirement to keep some kind of journal or account of our journey, so I decided to go for a multimedia approach using Tumblr.

Now that I'm back, I've contracted the "travel bug." I've always had a love of traveling to places and experiencing new things... and now, I'm even more enthusiastic about travel!

Here, you'll see pictures and posts from various places I have traveled to and will travel to. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask away!


It is absolutely amazing in the more rural parts of England. We traveled an hour away from Bath, England to get to an area known as Mendip Hills. In that area, we visited Cheddar Gorge, which apparently gives the name to cheddar cheese… who knew, right?

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    beautiful. i miss england!!!
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