Yellow Dog Eats

Gotha, Florida

You want to eat the best pulled pork ever? This place is a must! It is cooky and eccentric. Fun and delicious. Let’s get to the food, shall we!

I ordered, the Fire Pig, which consists of their beloved pulled pork, pecan-smoked bacon, fried onions, Gouda cheese, some slaw, and two different sauces… Sriracha mayonnaise and their signature “Fish’s Gold BBQ sauce…” all of that wrapped up in a beautiful wrap. I don’t think I’ve had something that delicious in quite some time… and the weird thing is that I wasn’t even all that hungry when I stopped at YDE! 

My brother got the Mr. Smokey sandwich, which was essentially the Fire Pig but add in some smoked pineapple slices and put it on a fluffy bun. 

From talking to a local named Sherry (spelling…?), she says the place is a one-of-a-kind establishment that everyone in town loves. They love the food. They love the atmosphere. They love the owner and the employees. So much love going around for them! 

The staff is really friendly. You have cool little signs and decorations throughout the restaurant and store…. and you can even draw on their walls and some of their furniture. Sit down at a table upstairs, and you’ll see plenty of names and words scribbled on doors, the walls, and even the ceiling of the place. Of course, I had to contribute to the wall art, too :)

If you’re in the Orlando, FL area, take a trip out to Yellow Dog Eats. You’ll be glad you did.

More Traveling Scheduled :)

Orlando, Florida tomorrow! 

Road trip out to Colorado with my brother in August. Hopefully St. Louis, Nashville included on the way. 

Cleveland in late September

Hopefully Phoenix in January